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I have always expected Christopher to go far, but with the help of CCA, Christopher already has a plan. He has a plan and he’s in the 8th grade - and that’s amazing.

– Maria, Mother

The teachers do everything in their power to be responsible for the success of not only their students, but of the school, of the class, and of the grade.

– Jason, Parent

For the staff, this is not just a job for them. They are really on a mission to change these childrens’ lives and impact the community.

– Jason, Parent

CCA has made it possible for my son to get wonderful grades and scholarships to great high schools that I never in a million years thought I would be able to send him to.

– Maria, Parent

The teachers care. They care about education, they make sure the kids get their work done, and they communicate with you.

– Bobby and Paula, Parents

The administration supports the things that are important. They support the teachers, they are always focused on learning and getting kids as far as they can in 1 year, 2 years, 3 years.

– Kathryn Anstaett

I love the fact that the teachers hold her accountable for her homework, for her tests, for the syllabus. Everything is in order.

– Jason, Parent

It’s a great school to attend. It’s a great place to work too, because everyone here has a passion and dedication.

– Michelle Williams

Fulfilling our mission is no easy task. It will require an extensive commitment of time, energy and financial resources.

– Andrew Boy

When I visit our students who are now in high school, they have that same passion for college, even after they have left CCA.

– Michelle Williams

We’d like to thank them for the opportunity to let our son go to this school. I don’t know how they found me, but I’m glad they did.

– Bobby and Paula, Parents

These teachers are so upbeat. They make you feel very very welcome.

– Bobby Cline and Paula Green

I'm most proud of my grades. Since I've come here, I've been on the honor roll every single time.

– Christopher, Student

This school system is challenging. It pushes the boundaries of creativity and learning.

– Jason, Parent

Our Stories

Our Stories

At United Schools Network, we love to share stories of success in our schools.

Below you will find stories from students, families, teachers and leaders.

Helping kids go from far behind - to way ahead

We are teaching kids that are far behind and getting them caught up in middle school. Not many schools are doing that. Maybe 300 schools across America are getting these results. One student that stands out struggled mightily her first year in 6th grade, then repeated 6th grade and was actually on the honor roll and became one of our best students in her 7th grade year. She was definitely a bright spot.  For parents, it can be hard to believe that it works this well, especially if their child has struggled in school. Seeing the school in action gets people on board - it’s a good thing to do if you’d like to learn about us.
- John Dues, Chief Learning Officer

Building a child’s confidence, passion and dedication

Our staff takes proactive measures to make sure every student succeeds from their first day in our building. Whether a student comes to us with a history of repeated behavior problems, concerns about bullying, or challenging circumstances at home -- teachers, administrators and families work together as a team to create an individualized plan for each new student. This process starts during the summer and continues throughout the school year. Parents love the unique support offered to their children, and students know that are entire staff cares for them and believes they can excel.
- Kaela King, Dean of Family and Community Engagement

Building a child’s confidence, passion and dedication

CCA has changed my daughter tremendously. The curriculum, personal attention and small class size give her opportunities to be engaged and truly learn. Teachers hold her accountable for homework, tests, and syllabus. Everything is in order. Being able to call teachers until 8:00 p.m. is something I’d never thought possible. Being accountable prepares her for college, future endeavors and being an adult. Then, after working hard, she gets down-time.

Interested parents should do a class visit. See how your child doesn’t move from class to class. The teacher moves, which doesn’t create a distraction. And the programming! Every day I talk with my daughter about what she’s learned. She says the Columbus Zoo has come in several times. I tell her how lucky and blessed she is to be in a school system that is challenging and pushing the boundaries of creativity and learning, actually opening up doors - maybe she’ll want to be a zoologist because she likes learning about animals. I love the after-school programs, the partnership with Ohio State University’s Band of Brothers that helps African American males, the student program for future architects, and so much more. This school gives students every opportunity to succeed. It truly changes lives. 
- Jason, Parent

Additional Stories

“Christopher has always been wise beyond his years but this school has broadened his whole way of thinking. It’s a very structured curriculum. They emphasize reading, math and science. Because of his grades here, Christopher is getting offers and scholarships to really excellent high schools that I could never afford. I have always expected him to go far - but with the school’s help, my 8th grade son Christopher already has a life plan - and that’s amazing.”
- Maria, Parent

“We’ve had children come into our 6th grade who were reading at the 2nd or 3rd grade level. By the time they reach 8th grade, they are ready to perform at the top of their class in high school.  Seeing that growth over one to three years is tremendous.”
- Jennifer Felbaun, Teacher

“Our son has never been on the honor roll until he came here. I’ve been to several schools and I believe this is one of the best. Teachers are upbeat - you feel very welcome. Our son strives to get good grades because he gets rewarded. With homework, if he misses something, he can redo it until he understands. He uses his time very efficiently. The kids come first here and everyone is polite. Most kids don’t want to go to school. These kids do.”
- Bobby and Paula, Parents

“Making a school work is really a simple equation. It is just about teachers being able to teach amazing curriculum and students being able to learn.”
- Kathryn Anstaett, School Director