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When I visit our students who are now in high school, they have that same passion for college, even after they have left CCA.

– Michelle Williams

The administration supports the things that are important. They support the teachers, they are always focused on learning and getting kids as far as they can in 1 year, 2 years, 3 years.

– Kathryn Anstaett

This school system is challenging. It pushes the boundaries of creativity and learning.

– Jason, Parent

CCA has made it possible for my son to get wonderful grades and scholarships to great high schools that I never in a million years thought I would be able to send him to.

– Maria, Parent

It’s a great school to attend. It’s a great place to work too, because everyone here has a passion and dedication.

– Michelle Williams

The teachers do everything in their power to be responsible for the success of not only their students, but of the school, of the class, and of the grade.

– Jason, Parent

I love the fact that the teachers hold her accountable for her homework, for her tests, for the syllabus. Everything is in order.

– Jason, Parent

For the staff, this is not just a job for them. They are really on a mission to change these childrens’ lives and impact the community.

– Jason, Parent

The teachers care. They care about education, they make sure the kids get their work done, and they communicate with you.

– Bobby and Paula, Parents

I have always expected Christopher to go far, but with the help of CCA, Christopher already has a plan. He has a plan and he’s in the 8th grade - and that’s amazing.

– Maria, Mother

I'm most proud of my grades. Since I've come here, I've been on the honor roll every single time.

– Christopher, Student

These teachers are so upbeat. They make you feel very very welcome.

– Bobby Cline and Paula Green

We’d like to thank them for the opportunity to let our son go to this school. I don’t know how they found me, but I’m glad they did.

– Bobby and Paula, Parents

Fulfilling our mission is no easy task. It will require an extensive commitment of time, energy and financial resources.

– Andrew Boy

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Main Campus

Our Program

United Preparatory Academy provides a college-prep education to elementary school students in Columbus, Ohio. United Preparatory Academy delivers an academically rigorous curriculum in a positive, joyous environment that opens doors to promising futures. In order to achieve this critical yet demanding goal, our school is committed to the following elements:

  • Challenging curriculum with a focus on foundational concepts in literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies.
  • Focus on character development through the use of research-based character education programs.
  • A longer school day (8:40am – 4:00pm).
  • A simple uniform that supports respect for self and diminishes social stress.
  • Extended literacy and mathematics blocks to ensure proficiency in basic skills.
  • Intentional student supports and interventions, regular homework, and advanced work to ensure all learners are reached.
  • Regular visits to local colleges and universities to expose students to college at an early age.
  • Frequent family engagement through Family Nights and the Family Leadership Council.